We are proud to be affiliated with the National & International Award-winning Pennsylvania Gelato (Italian Ice Cream) makers, Capogiro Gelato Artisans.

We offer gelato in four sizes; small, medium, large Italian style cups, and pints to enjoy at home. Capogiro prides itself on using local ingredients such as Lancaster mint and a variety of seasonal fruits as well as milk from grass-fed, hormone-free cows from local dairies. For example, raspberry gelato season is short-lived, but worth the wait each year. And luckily for us chocolate lovers, Cioccolato Scuro (bittersweet chocolate) is truly out-of-this-world exceptional and available all year round.

What is Gelato?
The word gelato simply means frozen in Italian. Making gelato is a true handcrafted form of art for the palate.

Gelato is a creamy low-fat ice cream style product. The United States Department of Agriculture requires frozen confections labeled “ice cream” to contain a minimum of 10% butterfat. Fat is what gives typical American ice cream its smooth texture. True gelato butterfat is 8%. Capogiro Gelato Artisans makes gelato with a butterfat content of only 6%-7%! Gelato offers a more intense flavor than typical ice cream because the flavor is not hidden by an overabundance of fat.

The reason gelato has such a silky texture without all of the butterfat is the way it is frozen. American ice cream typically has 50 to 100% air pumped into the liquid as its being frozen. Gelato overrun is 20%. This produces an incredibly unique smoothness and a truly creamy product.

Capogiro gelato combines the intensity of seasonal products and premium ingredients to offer the most robust, complex, and fresh flavor imaginable.